My Home! Gotta Love Dorm Rooms :)

Move in Day…

I moved today! hooray! and I must say that I did a smashing job decorating!

(via sweetandfit-deactivated20131123)

(via sweetandfit-deactivated20131123)

daniellegettingmarreid asked: Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself :) I'm Danielle, and a follower and a fan of Molly's, and I'm very excited for your blog and I'm sure I'll love it as well! Bee tee dubs, you are gorgeous and look like a mix of Blake Lively and Molly. Ttfn!

Thanks Danielle! You’re too sweet, I mean who better to look like than Blake Lively and Molly!? :)


I am going to attempt to train for a marathon next spring/summer.. I will be posting my workouts and my basic training schedule.. I’m so geeked! Perhaps you might even join me! Also, I loveeee running, its practically ecstasy to me, so any questions regarding running, fitness, how to cut an artichoke, be awesome or my favorite celebrites, I’m game… Ask away…

As for the training program that I am (sort of ) following here it is:

Camping & Hiking With Matchstick Molly

Frieda Gets a Bath, and Lulu Gets a Discount.

So, today is a great day! I went out to my car and realized this nasty looking bloody mark on it, I hit a little bird or something :( . So, I had to give my car, Frieda, a bath. (I’m not quite sure how it got that name, but it is what it is..) but after I got increasingly wet from reliving my childhood and jumping in the hose, the nastiness wasn’t quite coming off, so I went to the car wash to get the “I’m really to cheap to be spending $6 on a car wash” wash, and guess what?? It was “Ladies Day” and I got the “Super Turbo Sparkling Clean Wash” for the cheap-o price! Hooray for rewarding the female population..sorry to the little birdie that caused this wonderful day! 


this is too much fun. I am even considering opening a detailing/car wash. Talullah’s Super Duper Turbo Sparkling Car Wash…and of course there will be a “Ladies Day”



I am still working on the links…hopefully they will be working soon! :)